Let's talk with "Sugar&Spice" - UK Food Influencer | No Pineapple On Pizza

Let's talk with "Sugar&Spice" - UK Food Influencer

Today we will have the opportunity to chat with Sugar&Spice, a British food influencer that loves cooking and enjoying with friends and family.

She mainly promotes her cuisine on Instagram (click here). She made food with passion, so please, go there and check it out!

We had the chance to ask a few questions about her passion.

  • Would you mind introducing yourself?

"Hi, I am going to introduce myself as Sugar & Spice as per my food page. Although I have a full-time job in a local government, I've opened up a food page about a year ago and have built up this amazing food community who inspire and support each other. I love dining out as well as cooking at home."

  • When did you start cooking?

"I've always cooked since as a teenager but have over the years as I've had more time at home, it's become more of a passion for exploring and cooking different cuisine. I have a big family, and we all share the passion for cooking, and the best thing about cooking is eating together. I love the value of sharing, spending time together as we cook and eat."

  • When does cooking becoming your full-time job?

"Cooking doesn't feel like a job when you enjoy something it comes naturally to you, it's something to look forward to, and the treats are amazing."

  • What's your favorite food?

"I have a wide range of favorite food from Italian, Turkish to Indian cuisine. But my favorite will always be Italian, the best cuisine ever invented."

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  • Well, the question comes spontaneously. What's your favorite Italian food?

"It has to be pizza, although pasta is closely there too."

  • Do you have a question for our followers?

"If you had to give up one food between pasta and pizza which would it be?" 

  • Well guys, it is up to you to answer now!
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    Thats a tough one…. i could live without pizza but i’d die without pasta!
    Authentic italian pastas are truly the best food around.


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