"Pineapple On Pizza?! No Thanks". Italians say. | No Pineapple On Pizza

"Pineapple On Pizza?! No Thanks". Italians say.

The dispute between the best pizza was unleashed when we asked some Italians which was the best pizza. Some said Margherita, some salami (pepperoni), some vegetarians, and many others. But no one said they prefer pineapple pizza. But why?! Why is this pizza so hated?

We asked some Italians living abroad why they told us their experiences.

Lucia, 29 years old, New York - USA
I have been living here for 7 years, and I am working as a social media marketing manager for an Italian company that exports food. Pineapple Pizza is a disgusting reinterpretation of our culinary culture. Whenever Americans try authentic Italian pizza, they no longer want to eat the one with pineapple.

Marco, 35, London - UK
I have been working as an Engineer for 9 years here. The British have a nasty reputation for taking different culinary cultures into the world and spoiling their flavor. Yet, they persist in believing that 2 pounds of profit on a poor quality pizza is enough to think that this is good.
Precisely for this reason, Italian pizzerias continue to increase. This is because when high-quality Italian ingredients are used, there is no comparison. The best-selling pineapple pizza here is dominos, which uses substandard products to make their pizzas.

Margherita, 37, Melbourne - Australia
I am an entrepreneur in the food sector. My business is focused on good cooking and the importation of high-quality foods from Italy. I also hold cooking classes.
Pineapple Pizza is a symbol of poor quality of ingredients. No Italian offers it. On the contrary, the most successful Italian pizzerias have higher prices precisely because the raw material has high-quality.

Their words make us understand why pineapple pizza is considered a wrong product in the world.

Now we want to know, do you like pizza with pineapple?
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