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Let's talk with Michele, an Italian Pizzaiolo who reveals a secret..

In this week interview, we are glad to have a chat with Michele, an Italian guy who has turn the passion for pizza into a full time job. He enjoyed using our Pizza Peel so much that he ordered three more for his business.

  • Would you mind introducing yourself?

I'm Andrea, an Italian pizzaiolo & teacher passionate about sourdough pizza.

I just moved back to Italy (Bergamo precisely), after a long experience in London where I used to run a small pizza place called One n One fashion n pizza. I completely changed my life in June 2021, starting working online only, teaching from home "how to make sourdough pizza," and doing consulting work for restaurants.

  • When did your passion come to you ?

My passion for baking started in 2014, after attending a pizza course in Italy. That experience literally opened up my mind to this world, discovering how small details made the difference between a good and a great pizza.
Since then, I have never stopped learning and working to reach my goals to master sourdough pizza.

  • When does baking become your full-time job?

In the same year, I moved to London for the first time, where I started working in an English pub, managing the pizzeria kitchen. That experience was the beginning of the improvement pattern, both professionally and personally. I listed on the menu new sourdough creations, like Johnny, a starter that became well known across our customers.

In 2017 I started teaching online "how to make sourdough pizza," and I didn't know how many people wanted to learn the beauty behind making Italian pizza. Since that time, it has become my full-time job.
  • How important is having the right tool for a good pizza result? 

This is such an important question. Having the right tool is so important. That's why we choose the 12" pizza peel from NoPineappleOnPizza Shop. I have made a lot of burned pizza bases in the past just because I was using a normal-flat pizza peel without holes. On the other hand, this one solves the problem of having too much flour stuck to the pizza base. The perforated frame makes sure the excess flour falls while retrieving pizza. 

Absoluely yes. "This is the best pizza Peel ever". If you want to go from a good to a great pizza and stand out this is the right tool for you. 

  • What’s your favorite food?

That’s a tricky question! I love good food, that’s it. I love to try every type of cuisine and take inspiration from there. I am mainly influenced by Mediterranean cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, and Greek, but I also love spices food, like Indian.

  • What’s your favorite Italian food? 

That’s a more straightforward reply: PIZZA, sourdough, of course! But I’ll give you more details of my favorite one: thin base with a crunchy crust, tomato sauce, nduja sausage, Pugliese burrata, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil! So Yummy!

  • Last but not least, what's your future plans? and where can we keep track of you? 

Well, I want to spread my passion worldwide because I love traveling. At the moment, as I am in Italy, I love enjoying time with my family.
I'm planning to launch a new course for those who want to start a journey with me across the sourdough world, inspiring them to make their own versions of sourdough pizza.



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